About Us

A Personal Experience

     What started as helping clients with our expertise in roofing, soon developed into a desire to help people customize their home even further through remodeling. In 2019, that dream came to life with Indiana Home Remodel. We are devoted to remodeling and creating beautiful spaces inside and outside the home. We love seeing the rooms we help create for our clients and the impact it has on them.  Our goal is to be fair, honest, and equal. We cater to everyone and want to make sure people from all walks of life have the opportunity to live in a beautiful home.


      The personal experience is what makes us stand out from our competitors. Whether you just need labor or you need step by step help to create a design, we are here to customize each experience based on your needs. Unlike other competitors who limit options, we want to create freedom to design the room of your dreams. We are here to work with you and are patient and willing to make sure we create a high-quality remodel for your home. Getting to know your personal style is key, and we love being able to bring our own ideas to yours to create a room you will love. 

    We want each client to feel proud and comfortable in their new space. We aim to create lasting relationships with our clients. We hope our work and skill on your first project will make you trust us to take on more projects to beautify your home in the future! It is our hope that you will become an advocate for our business long-term, because you believe in the quality and affordability that we provide. We look forward to working with you!



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